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How to choose the right advertising umbrella for your brand?

Choosing the right advertising umbrella involves understanding your target audience, setting a budget, identifying the desired technical characteristics, and choosing a model that reflects the brand's identity. A good selection will increase brand visibility and strengthen the positive image of the company.

Published on 21/06/2023

The importance of choosing a good advertising umbrella for your brand

Choosing the right advertising umbrella is a strategic decision for a brand and can have a significant impact on its brand awareness and image. There are several reasons for this:

  • Visibility: An advertising umbrella is an excellent medium to increase brand visibility. It offers a large display area, visible to a large number of people, in various contexts (streets, outdoor events, etc.). It is therefore crucial to choose an umbrella that highlights the brand logo or message in an effective and attractive way.
  • Durability: A quality umbrella can last for years, ensuring a continuous presence of the brand in the recipient's life. By choosing a sturdy and durable umbrella, a brand ensures long-term visibility.
  • Brand perception: The quality and style of the umbrella can influence people's perception of the brand. A substandard umbrella can give a bad impression, while a high-end umbrella can convey an image of quality, care and attention to detail. Choosing the right advertising umbrella can therefore help strengthen the brand image.
  • Purpose: Umbrellas are practical objects, often appreciated by those who receive them. They are therefore likely to be used regularly, which further increases the visibility of the brand.
  • Customization: An umbrella offers many possibilities for customization (colors, shapes, materials, etc.). This allows a brand to create an object that truly reflects its identity and values.

For all these reasons, choosing the right advertising umbrella is an important aspect of a brand's marketing strategy. It is necessary to consider not only the budget and design, but also the quality, durability and impact on the image of the brand.

How to choose the perfect advertising umbrella for your brand

The choice of an advertising umbrella requires a good understanding of the target audience and to define a budget adapted according to different options which makes it possible to identify a set of characteristics that will guide the choice of this advertising object. Finally, the choice of umbrella will have to stick to the image of the brand.

Study the target audience

It is essential to identify and understand the brand's target audience. This makes it possible to direct the choice towards models likely to please and be useful to this audience. For example, if the brand targets a young and trendy audience, an umbrella with a modern and colorful design might be appropriate. For an audience of businessmen, a classic and elegant umbrella might be more suitable.

Decide on the budget to be devoted

It is necessary to set a budget before starting the selection of umbrellas. This will help filter the options and direct the decision towards models that are suitable for the defined price range. A higher budget will allow for high-end umbrellas, while a tighter budget might mean looking for the best value

for money.

Identify the characteristics of the umbrella

The technical characteristics of the umbrella are also an important point to consider. You have to look at the size, strength, type of opening (automatic or manual), number of whales, quality of fabric and mast, etc. These characteristics should match the needs of the target audience and reflect the quality of the brand.

Choose the right model for your brand

Once the previous points have been defined, it remains to choose a model that reflects the identity of the brand. The design, color and style of the umbrella must be in keeping with the brand image. There should also be space for the brand logo or slogan so that they are clearly visible and attractive.
It may also be wise to opt for a eco-friendly and ecological umbrella. It is made from sustainable and recyclable materials such as bamboo, wood or recycled PET. It can be repaired and reused to avoid unnecessary waste. Associating your brand with an eco-responsible product will only strengthen your image

Photo of advertising umbrellas

The benefits of using an advertising umbrella

Advertising umbrellas are a tangible, sustainable and highly visible marketing option that can effectively promote a brand to a wide audience.

Improve brand visibility

An advertising umbrella acts as a mobile poster, increasing a brand's visibility every time it is used. It offers a large area to display the logo or brand message in a visible and attractive way. Used in public, it exposes the brand to a variety of people, creating a lasting impression. In addition, its durability ensures a continuous presence of the brand in the recipient's life, which enhances brand exposure and recognition.

Promote products and services

This promotional item can be customized to display the company logo, product name, tagline, or even contact information. With each use, the user and the people around him see this information, which generates repeated exposure. This type of subtle but constant advertising can stimulate curiosity and interest, prompting people to search more for the products or services being promoted. In addition, offering an advertising umbrella as a gift strengthens the relationship with customers, creating a positive and lasting impression of the brand, thus promoting brand loyalty and recommending products and services to others.

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