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Advertising object: what return on investment?

At a time when digital advertising has moved to first place on the podium in terms of advertising investments, what about the advertising object? Is it still a ROI investment? Does it still have a place in corporate communication campaigns?

Published on 15/01/2020

Ecology requires, dematerialization is well underway. A few months ago, Monoprix committed to no longer producing paper prospectuses. And because the reach of internet campaigns can be measured in a sharp way, paper is becoming obsolete. However, among all these communication media, there is one that is far from being neglected. Because it is kept, because it is always pleasing and it has been able to make a special place in the heart of the customer: the advertising object.

Not only does it still like as much, 89% of French people have a positive perception of it*, but above all, its memorization rate is twice as high as a poster campaign and three times more than a TV or radio campaign*. The advertising object is also the only media that can be offered to its customers. It benefits from a significant virality by diffusing the logo it displays throughout its life cycle. A custom mug, for example, is used an average of 15.9 times each month. Its shelf life is about 44.1 months during which it will be used 700 times. Not to mention the number of people who will have visualized its logo, at each of these 700 uses. This makes goodies a particularly ROI media with a very low average cost per contact: €0.025 on average. The interest of the advertising object is also that it penetrates the environment of customers and invites itself into their daily lives. A key ring on their trousseau, a lighter for their cigarettes, a pen always at the bottom of the bag to sign their checks... The more useful they are, the more positive they will send in favor of the brand.

So when should you use advertising objects in your communication strategy? And for what purpose?

As a support of visibility, the media object is a good way to develop brand awareness. It is a relevant medium to promote during a product launch or during an operation to increase your brand awareness. The more qualitative the object, the longer its lifespan will be. Its scope will be multiplied. On the other hand, by choosing the object, a clear message can be spread about the brand. Offering customers water bottles or pocket ashtrays shows your commitment to a clean planet, for example.

It also helps build customer loyalty. On the one hand because a customer always appreciates receiving a gift from a brand: this recognition will improve the image he has and encourage his loyalty to it. On the other hand, because this object will allow your brand to remember it every time the object is used.

*Source: 2FPCO/CSA Research study, September 2017

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