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Which promotional items to choose for a trade show?

Trade shows are strategic locations for enterprises. They are a privileged moment to come and meet your (future) customers. A unique opportunity to listen to their expectations and sell your solutions or products. Unfortunately, you're not the only ones who want capture their attention. In this context, promotional items are an asset of choice to make your stand attractive.

Published on 21/06/2019

Trade shows are strategic places for companies. They are a privileged moment to meet your (future) customers. A unique opportunity to listen to their expectations and sell your solutions or products. Unfortunately, you're not the only ones who want to capture their attention. In this context, promotional items are an asset of choice to make your stand attractive.

Make visible

A corporate outfit

To stand out from the other stands, know how to make yourself visible, attract the eye. You are the first ambassadors of your brand. Equip your employees on the stand with a corporate outfit that is both elegant and attractive. Why not create a polo in the colors of your company. Chic and just casual, polo makes you more accessible than the traditional suit and tie. If all members of your team are dressed uniformly, it will inevitably catch the eye of show visitors.

A medium of choice to get your message across

To talk about your company and your products, kakemonos are ideal communication media. They offer you the opportunity to convey your message in large and color, in plain sight, and to increase the visibility of your stand.

Take to the heights

In the maze of trade shows, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Mark the way for your customers, thanks to helium-inflated balloons, flocked with your logo. Choose them in your company colors or in a more fun shape, in accordance with your industry.

Take care of your visual identity

For your stand to attract, it must be beautiful. Decorate it with objects of harmonious colors. Choose one or two of those that make up your brand's visual identity and play with those tones. A vase filled with anti-stress balls or other goodies in these colors, to offer, of course, a tablecloth or chairs that recall your colors. Do not hesitate to be trendy and acidulous because it is above all necessary to attract the eye. Be careful, however, not to overdo it.

Make yourself useful

Who says living room necessarily says badge. Turn your visitors into ambassadors of your brand by offering them a neckband to attach their badge. Useful for them and media object for you, it is a promotional object certainly win-win. Even more so if the customization is beautiful and it is then reused to hang keys.

Take care of your welcome

Think of your customers and prospects who travel miles from booth to stand. What could make them happier than a good glass of homemade lemonade, very cold, or a good coffee to hold on for a few more hours. Sharing this little moment of break by offering them a drink in a cup personalized to your colors, it is a great opportunity to start the conversation and why not, to transform a prospect into a customer. Offer them also, in addition to pastries or cupcakes, some personalized sweets to enjoy on the spot or to bring back to their children. This will significantly increase your sympathy capital. Especially since these sweets are among the most appreciated advertising objects.

Memorable appointments

Also think about what they can take home. All those personalized promotional items in the name of your company that they will use once they get home or the office. They are at each use, a great reminder of your brand or this conversation exchanged on the show. A notebook, a pen, a mug in which they will drink their morning coffee. The advertising object is a great opportunity to create a close link with each of your customers by making a place for you in their daily lives. To do this, opt for a useful object that may often be needed such as a backup battery or a USB key.

Go viral

The advantage of a viral advertising object is that it is an excellent communication vector for your brand. The top of the best in the field is the tote bag. Not only will it allow your customers to slip all the flyers collected on the show, but it will be able to reuse it indefinitely. For races, sports or classes, the advantage is that you can take it anywhere. He helps out to carry his purchases, now that plastic bags are paying. And if you take care of its personalization with a fun message, it will be proudly worn by the whole family. By opting for a viral advertising object, it is your customer himself who will convey your message, your advertising. Stylo, umbrella, water bottle, backpack are excellent communication media, well beyond the living room... And your generosity will be rewarded very quickly.

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